Sunday, September 28, 2008

And Then I Woke Up

Back here in the real world, so little time has passed that the plums in the refrigerator are still good. I am sitting with a cup of rooibos and making myself a very ambitious to-do list.

It commences with tearing apart the Dickensian Fantasy: the very thing I swore I had no need to do. It continues with a whole bunch of other things to write, and a number of commitments which I have no doubt will prove onerous at some point, but at the moment feel like the veriest hit of crack.

It doesn't end, of course, until I end.


Mac said...

Cheers! You'll settle back in. In some ways, though, VP was a profoundly life-changing experience for me.

clairification said...

I think it has been for me too. A bunch of things I'd been pondering have finally slotted into the right places in my head and I'm ready to move forward. I guess time will tell, but I'm expecting the next year to be a great one.