Sunday, December 10, 2017

Still riding that win...

Yes, that's me, accepting my Sunburst Award from chair Rebecca Simkin (who is wonderful even apart from the fact that she has just handed me a medal and a cheque).  I am, once again, so thrilled to be honoured this way.  The other works and writers who have been recognized with this award are beyond amazing!

Since I believe in celebrating wins when we get'em, I wore my medal all night at the bar.  (I may or may not have worn it to bed.)

This win is a very happy ending for Spells of Blood and KinIt's not totally an ending, of course--it remains in print and on sale in stores--but unless there's a movie deal or something (hi, producers! You're all reading this, right?) it will take a back seat to newer works.  Some of those newer works will also be written by me (uh, not right away, but watch this space).

I won't be a debut novelist next time around.  I'll be a grizzled veteran (not a should see how much grey hair I have now).  I can't wait.

2017 has treated a lot of us roughly, I have to say, but I'm coming out of it with this little sun in my pocket.  It's so much more than I expected, and I'm taking it as a sign for how much more the future has in store.  2018: I'm on the horizon, and I'm climbing up.

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Nicole said...

Congratulations, Claire! Amazing! <3