Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Detcon1 Schedule

Two cons back to back: the life of a writer is never dull (except for the parts where it's ass-in-chair for twelve hours straight and you're researching population data from 1883... never mind). I'm doing lots of panels at Detcon1--come say hi!

Thursday, July 17

The Very First Thing: Story Titles
Nicolet A

Friday, July 18
Current Voices: LGBT Authors & Artists
Ambassador Salon 2

Gender Roles in Genre Fiction
Ambassador Salon 1

Saturday, July 19
The Classics: Written SF/F/H
Mackinac West

Disabilities in Genre Fiction
Ambassador Salon 1

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Readercon and all things Long Hidden!

Readercon is all about Long Hidden for me this year!  Wondering where to find me, editors Rose Fox and Daniel José Older, and many of the other authors?  Here are a whole bunch of places you can meet us, get books signed, ask questions and celebrate:

Friday, 3pm, Embrace Room: Group Reading
Rose Fox (leader), Claire Humphrey, Michael Janairo, Ken Liu, Sunny Moraine, Daniel José Older, Sarah Pinsker, Sofia Samatar, Sabrina Vourvoulias
Come and watch me read from "The Witch of Tarup", which begins, "Every town has its witch, or so the Midsummer Ballad says, but I had only lived in Tarup a fortnight and I did not know who the witch might be."

Saturday, 3pm, Enliven Room: Editors Rose Fox and Daniel José Older will delve into their work editing the Long Hidden anthology.

Saturday, 9pm, Envision Room: Long Hidden Party! Open to everyone, and there will be food, including vegan and gluten-free snacks.

Where else you can find me: catching up with all the amazing people at this amazing con.  It's become one of the high points of my year for as many reasons as there are attendees.