Saturday, May 10, 2014

Release day for Long Hidden!

Long Hidden is one of the most amazing projects I've had the pleasure to participate in.  I'm honoured to be in the company of such great writers--and so excited that the book is finally available to purchase.

I can't be at the launch party in New York tonight, but maybe you can--it's at Alice's Arbor, from 4-6 pm, and a number of the other writers will be there!

Check out this gorgeous Julie Dillon cover:

My story is called "The Witch of Tarup".  It's set in Denmark in 1886.  I was lucky to have a fantastic primary source: a memoir written by my great-great-grandmother, and translated by one of her sons.  (Disclaimer: none of my family are witches, as far as I know!)  Here's how it begins:
Every town has its witch, or so the Midsummer Ballad says, but I had only lived in Tarup a fortnight and I did not know who the witch might be.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In which we have art!

Look at this beautiful illustration--by Richard Wagner, for my story "A Brief Light" in Interzone #252.  I love the mood of it: I want to say "haunting", which is a metaphoric word usually, but in the context of this story, it's literal.

This is my second story for Interzone, and like the first, it has ghosts in it.  It's also about love, loyalty, family, unfinished business, inheritance, and creepy birds.