Friday, March 1, 2013

Novel Enduro: Day V

In the spirit of public accountability, I'm posting even though this day has NOT gone as well as the others.

Today's word count: 1263.
Total word count: 75,250 of 90,000.
Percent completion: 83.6%.

Beautiful things: bike couriers, hand-pulled noodles at Pacific Mall.

Horrible things: everyone wants you to talk about things and you just want to whack-a-mole every single thought that surfaces in your brain.

Favourite sentence:  "It was the voice he used on both Gavin and Asta, when they were sleepy or sick and had to be coaxed."

What went wrong with this day: Late start due to unavoidable obligation; rewrote the same scene four or five times before getting it even close; deleted another scene entirely, cancelling out a bunch of word count.

Interesting note: judging by where I am right now, this novel isn't actually going to hit 90k.  I think I'm closer to the end of the action than that.  Which is fine.  I'll just throw in some more sex ;)


Stephen Geigen-Miller said...

One not-quite-as-productive day after four kickassular days is a pretty admirable ratio, I think. And anything that leads to more sex scenes can't be bad! : )

clairification said...

It's either that or more scenes of Gavin complaining, pining, and forgetting to feed himself, and I think there are plenty of those already.

Actually, in seriousness, more magical sparring! That is always fun.

clairification said...

NO WAIT. More zombie animals!

Stephen Geigen-Miller said...

More sex, more magical sparring AND more zombie animals! In the same scene, if possible!