Thursday, November 1, 2012

World Fantasy

I'm not doing anything official at this con--I plan to attend panels, hang out with friends old and new, and basically go where my whimsy takes me.

That said, there are a couple of things I will absolutely not miss, so if you're looking to meet up with me, here's where I will be:

  • Friday, 11 a.m.: York B&C Room, panel on Defining Urban Fantasy.  This panel features Tim Powers, among others.  And maybe it will help me define what the hell I write.
  • Friday, 1 p.m.: Vaughan Room, panel on Gothic Fantasy Noir.
  • Saturday, 11 a.m.: York B&C Room, panel on The Road to Urban Fantasy.  (Are you sensing a theme yet?)
  • Saturday Night: CZP Fall Launch Party.
I've had a couple of months of feeling off my game where writing is concerned: I've sent out some stuff that probably wasn't up to my usual standard, and therefore banked a high number of rejections; I haven't managed to put in my desired word counts; and I have a backlog of stuff that needs to be re-drafted before it goes out.  I am reminded that this work is not easy work, and that I'm trying to do it on top of a very full-time job, and I do not always succeed in balancing my priorities.

So: time to refocus, recommit, get back on the horse and all those things.  I'm putting on my party boots and going to join my tribe.

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