Sunday, October 14, 2012

Literary Community Bulletins

First: Ideomancer, where I have been on staff for several years now, is looking for new junior fiction editors.  Deadline for applications is this Wednesday.  If you've been thinking about joining us, now is the time to apply!

Next: Strange Horizons, where I have been published several times, is having their annual fund drive.  If you're wondering why you should donate, take a look through their archive for a selection of stellar, diverse, compelling fiction.

And finally:  I am looking forward to World Fantasy at the beginning of November!  If you're attending and want to hang out, drop me a line!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More great moments in the life of Clairification, Professional Writer

Yesterday I went to Chapters and bought Imaginarium 2012.  Yes: I walked into one of my bookstores and bought a book with my story in it.  Somehow it feels bigger than seeing my name in a book in the first place--which was cool and all, but this book was living in the wild.

There are more copies there, if you want one!

The last few weeks have been rather scattered, from a writing perspective, but I have been immeasurably cheered by an awesome review from Bogi Tak√°cs, a blogger I have been reading for a few months, who writes wonderful and cogent reviews on a laudably regular basis, and also a shout-out from Liz Bourke on

Let this post serve as an inadequate but heartfelt thanks to everyone who reads my work, whether you respond in public or think about it in private.  I'm so glad that some of what I am doing works for you... and I'm so grateful that in turn, you are seeing me, and through your observation, making me real.