Thursday, June 28, 2012

Best Canadian Speculative Writing

Imaginarium 2012 is coming to bookstores in July!  I'm pretty excited about this--I've never been in a Year's Best Anything before, and holy mackerel, look at the other names on that table of contents.  David Nickle!  Amal El-Mohtar!  Gemma Files!  Cory Doctorow!  Peter Watts! 

A great day for Ideomancer all round: honourable mentions also went to Ian Donald Keeling's Ideomancer story, "Broken", and to publisher Leah Bobet's "Stay".

I also find it strange and hilarious that both of the anthologies I've been in this year have cover images featuring a face with an eye full of binary code:

Thursday, June 7, 2012

In which I'm back in my home town

Hard rain pounding down from a mostly sunny sky.  I went out and danced in it, barefoot on my front walk.

New York was clear and the air was great for running and I saw lots of people I love, but man, I missed this place and the cats in it and the comfort of making my own dinner. 

Now I'm rain-wet and there's probably soot in my hair, and I'm going to saute some cabbage and listen to hip hop.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

In which I am reviewed in Romanian

Since I don't speak Romanian, I am not totally positive what the reviewer said.  Here is the Babel Fish translation:

The short story Nightfall character in the Scent Garden, by Claire Humphrey, published in the online magazine 05.03.2012, belongs to Horizonsîn Strange ficţiunii romantic. The narration can be classified in the genus ficţiunii, tangential speculative science fiction.
Elements of Romance:
  • schematizate characters that look more defined by the choices we make, the consequences of those choices while pursuing them for the rest of life;
  • the action going on around a sundial, in a lush garden;
  • epic thread also ranks among the more experienced feelings of characters, rather than a certain determinism.
  • end of story, composed in the dubitativă key.
What makes me recommend this story:
  • the originality of the composition of the text;
  • narrative freshness, in spite of the abundance of the elements, inspired, poetic.
This charms the heck out of me.  It's kind of like overhearing a conversation in a washroom where a stranger says "...and that awesome girl with the yellow shoes" and you are wearing yours, and you know it's you, and you'll never know exactly what makes you awesome, but you'll know there is something.

This is one of the things I didn't imagine about being a writer.  I did imagine that I'd spend a lot of time awaiting responses from editors, and that feels pretty much how I thought it would, but I didn't think I'd have access to readers' responses in the way that I do.  (For one thing, when I was a kid and first thinking about this, the internet didn't really exist yet.  I figured that when people talked about my work, they'd do so at cocktail parties in other cities, far away from me.)

When I've got a lot of things on submission, as I do right now, nothing makes me feel more grounded than knowing the things already published are living apart from me, with their own presence in the world, being read by people I will never meet.

Friday, June 1, 2012

June issue of Ideomancer!

It's live here.  Three fascinating stories touching on the idea of home, and what we'll do to get away from it.

Also, poetry and reviews.  Come and see!