Friday, April 6, 2012

In which we have a WitchShark

I'm on the tasting panel at Bellwoods Brewery. (It's a volunteer position--I love to give back to my community!) We had our first tasting Sunday, and yesterday was the soft opening. Bevin and I stopped by after work for a couple of delicious pints and a salad made of rye kernels and hen of the woods mushrooms with a dressing of stinging nettles (YUM).

When I applied for the position, I promised (tongue firmly in cheek) that I'd give them product placement in my internationally acclaimed fiction. I now have the perfect centerpiece for the story I'm going to write for them.

My favourite of their beers, so far, is called WitchShark. It's a high gravity double IPA with all the floral bittersweetness you'd expect. The WitchShark is apparently some kind of totemic creature of the brewery--here you can see it making an appearance during renovations:

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