Monday, February 27, 2012

"we only like you 'cause you're cute and young"

Words Scrubbed: 57,829

New things: Maksim takes one less taxi, Rafe climbs cathedrals, Stella makes Gus laugh, Lissa gets a kiss

Old things I still like: the new moon egg--I like it so much I might rename the book after it

Fetishes: still with the B-hoodie

Soundtrack: "Drop the Pressure", "Shiny Disco Balls", "Dancefloor Destroyer" (what? Come on, this bit has some really depressing stuff in it, and I needed a pick-me-up.)

Sustenance: more coffee, leftover French lentils with purple carrots and fennel, random corner of cheese, picholine olives, a quinoa cookie

Reason for stopping: I've been in this chair for twelve hours, minus a 5k run. Plus my cat is twanging the doorstopper again and clearly needs someone to throw him a superball.


Stephen Geigen-Miller said...

Yes! I vote for New Moon Egg, or some variant thereof as the title.

Sounds like the progess is progressing as it should. The only word I can possibly use to describe this is, of course, 'awesomesauce'!

clairification said...

Like! Like!