Thursday, March 10, 2011

In which I have structure

This, my friends, is Hour of the Hag. Each sticky is a scene. Notes in black are what currently happens in the scene; notes in pink are things I have to change or add. Pink stickies are scenes to add. Blue for Maksim's POV, green for Lissa, white for Nick, and yellow for poor orphaned Jonathan who really shouldn't have his own POV scene, since there's only one of it.

I'm surprised by how even the scene distribution is. I am unsurprised by how much more I have to do before I can call this thing done. This sticky-map is for the transition from draft 2 to draft 3 and final. I don't have much sense of how long it will actually take--weeks rather than months, but other than that, it depends on how much I wallow. I have three vac days to kick it off. Hard burn to April--I'd like to get it in the post to agents by May.

Oh, and behind the sticky-map, that thing is a pillow with a carrot on it.


Stephen Geigen-Miller said...

I think the pillow with a carrot deserves a POV scene. Maybe it can replace Jonathan. : )

Email me, and we'll discuss having our discussion.

clairification said...

The carrot pillow has been drinking too much ever since its magician mentor abandoned it. Worse, it's being stalked by a rabbit pillow! Will it be able to maintain its perfect posture? And will it ever regain the love of the pea pillow?

Nicole said...

Way to go! I'm glad you did it on different colours too. One added bonus that I do is that I put numbers on all my stickers (once they're in the order that I like), then I rearrange everything by colour in vertical rows (basically lining up all my characters side-by-side) and that way I can examine if everyone has an arc or a motivation even if it's eenie-meenie minor.

clairification said...

Numbering--brilliant. Thanks!

If you hadn't said that, I was just going to leave the dining room table set up like this for the next month.