Thursday, January 21, 2010

Novel Marathon, aka Using Up My Leftover Vac Days

Day 1 word count: ~3000 (all pure genius, of course... at least at the moment... they will probably be magically transformed into straw overnight)

Number of hours at the keyboard: 11

Number of hours not at the keyboard: 2 (but the dishes are clean, damn it, even the ones the cats eat from)

Cups of coffee: 3

Showers, baths or other hygienic activities: 0

Number of songs on playlist with "battle" or "war" in the title: 24

Number of times I had to look up the hierarchy of ranks in the Red Army (because I can never remember rank hierarchies even though I was in the army myself): 4

Number of ibuprofens: 1 (probably related to number of chin-ups on Tuesday: 0, actually, but not for lack of trying)

Number of minor characters for whom I substituted the word "name" instead of naming them on the spot, due to forgetting list of Russian names when I left for the coffee shop: 5

Number of times protagonist lost consciousness: 0, although he did go to sleep during someone else's POV scene (this metric is here to keep me on track, folks--I used to love to sneak out of scenes by knocking out the POV character)

Number of times I checked my day-career email: 0 (for once!)

Number of cups of delicious David's Amaretto Rooibos: 2. And now, to make another. G'night!

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